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IBIC completes market debut with new Web launch

Company is now online at

IBIC GmbH today announced the launch of its new corporate Website, This site, which went online in early February, contains all key information about the company ranging from its corporate profile, management, services and partners to the latest news and contact information in both English and German. “Our prospects, customers and partners can visit to get a fast, clear overview of our company and offerings,” explained Hans-Peter Beier, founder and managing director at IBIC. “The initial feedback has been very positive and shows a broad acceptance for our new site.” During its start-up phase, IBIC had worked closely with U3 marketing unlimited to outline its marketing strategy and plan the activities supporting its market debut. The marketing agency based in Darmstadt developed and quickly implemented the positioning, corporate design, communication and Web presence for the young company.

Communication offensive

Since its corporate founding in October 2009, IBIC GmbH has successfully presented itself at several leading industry events and, therefore, directly established its presence among key decision-making circles. As part of its ongoing media activities, the company has already had its first press releases and articles published in leading industry journals. Various publications have also researched and written their own articles about the growing company or conducted interviews with Beier. IBIC intends to continue this regular communication through select media and later supplement these activities through advertisements and direct marketing campaigns.

Target market

These marketing activities are reaching IBIC’s main target market, European companies requiring engineering services for plant construction, at a time marked by consolidation and moderate growth expectations. As a result, many of these plant manufacturers and operators are focusing more on their core competencies and reducing parts of their production range while building partnerships with engineering service providers. The combination of these factors should provide good opportunities for IBIC’s midterm business development.


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